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Open call for research fellowships in Systems Biology - СИСТЕМНАЯ БИОЛОГИЯ [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Systems biology

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Open call for research fellowships in Systems Biology [Dec. 29th, 2015|04:05 am]
Systems biology



Оригинал взят у fp7_bio_ru в Open call for research fellowships in Systems Biology

Skoltech Research, Education, and Innovation Center for Data Intensive Biomedicine and Biotechnology is proud to announce an open call for research fellowships in Systems Biology – the first such program in Russia. The program is made possible through a generous support from Philip Morris Sales and Marketing. This competitive program is open to advanced graduate students and recent postdocs from Russian higher education establishments and research institutions.

The program is coordinated by Drs. Mikhail Gelfand (Moscow State University and Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences Information Transmission Problems) and Philip Khaitovich (Skoltech). A transparent procedure involving international scientific expertise will be implemented to select best proposals for three-year support of basic research in the broad field of systems biology and data-intensive biology that is in the main focus of biomedical research at Skoltech. Up to five winners will be announced in April of 2016 by the Board, which consists of Prof. Manuel C Peitsch, the Chief Scientific Officer of Philip Morris International, and Konstantin Severinov, Director of Skoltech Center for Data Intensive Biomedicine and Biotechnology. In addition to support for their projects award recipients will be provided with mentorship opportunities through networking with best Russian and international scientists in the field.

Program Applicants shall meet the following criteria:

* be a post graduate or a young researcher without a degree, but no older than 30 years of age as of the date of receipt of Application, or have PhD, MD or equivalent degree, but no older than 35 years of age, with defended no earlier than 3 (Three) years prior to receipt of Application.

If a female-Applicant has a child (children) born within 3 (Three) years after defence of a dissertation, the term of filing of  Application for the Program will be extended for 1 (One) year for each child born during this period.